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Prof Jim Haseloff

Head of the lab, with a history of research in plant viroids, RNA enzymes and engineering approaches to plant development. Current interests are in simple open systems for plant synthetic biology including programmable cell-free extracts.
Stacks Image 601

Dr Susana Sauret-Gueto

Susana is a senior post-doc, with experience in plant developmental biology and advanced microscopy. She is research manager for OpenPlant work in the lab.
Stacks Image 617

Dr Jenny Molloy

Jenny has a research background in insect biology, and strong interests in open science. She coordinates activities for OpenPlant, the Cambridge Synthetic Biology SRI, and Biomakespace.
Stacks Image 548

Linda Silvestri

Linda manages Marchantia culture and transformation work in the lab for OpenPlant, and is screening novel patterns of tagged gene expression in enhancer trap lines.
Stacks Image 555

Dr Lukas Mueller

Lukas is studying sink-source dynamics and the circadian cycle in Marchantia, as part of shared OpenPlant project with Prof. Alex Webb.
Stacks Image 564

Marta Tomaselli

Marta Tomaselli is a PhD student studying the role of phytohormones in adaxial development of air pores in Marchantia gemma.
Stacks Image 541

Dr Eftychis Fragedakis

Eftychis is an experienced molecular bryologist, bring his skills with hornworts to Marchantia, and looking at chloroplast engineering.
Stacks Image 571

Mihails Delmans

Mihails has an engineering background, and his PhD project tackles biophysical and genetic interactions between cells in Marchantia gemma development
Stacks Image 448

Dr Emma Talbot

Emma is a Physicist and Wellcome Trust Interdisciplinary Research Fellow working with cell-free membrane systems, part of a continuing collaboration with Prof. Pietro Cicuta
Stacks Image 898

Kasey Markel

Kasey is developing improved expression systems for transformation of chloroplasts, using Marchantia as a testbed for his MPhil work.
Stacks Image 856

Liat Adler

Liat is looking at automated systems for building novel DNA markers for Marchantia as part of her Part III undergraduate project in Biochemistry.
Stacks Image 848

Owen Male

Owen is a returned graduate, come to follow up a project on use of CRISPR to make altered chloroplast morphologies for plastid engineering.
Stacks Image 864

Tom Bennett

Tom is a Part II student in Plant Sciences, and he is examining the relationship between plastid and cell division in Marchantia gemma.
Stacks Image 873

Jet Mante

Jet is a Part II student in Plant Sciences, and is developing improved image processing routines for quantitative dynamic imaging of Marchantia gemma.
Stacks Image 889

Nicolas Larus-Stone

Nicolas is taking an MPhil in Advanced Computing, co-supervised with Pietro Lio. He is modelling gene expression dynamics in cell-free systems.
Stacks Image 456

Dr Fernan Federici

Fernan was a Gates Scholar and then post-doc in the lab, working on plant and microbial engineering and self-organisation. Now faculty member at PUC Santiago, Chile, he is an adjunct OpenPlant Fellow in Cambridge and promotes open technologies in Latin America.

Lab Alumni

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Dr. Anton Kan

Anton, trained as a physicist and exploited this during his PhD work on bacterial cell dynamics. He also looked at engineered systems for luminescence and cell-free expression systems. Now a post-doc in the Neel Joshi lab, Harvard.
Stacks Image 594

Bernardo Pollak

Bernardo developed new genetic resources and DNA assembly systems in his PhD work on meristem interactions in Marchantia. Now a post-doc working at the JCVI, San Diego.
Stacks Image 610

Dr. Christian Boehm

Christian investigated the use of modified phage RNA polymerases to regulate nuclear and organellar gene expression in his PhD project. Now a post-doc in Ralph Bock's lab.
Stacks Image 629

Geoff Ma

Geoff explored the use of GPU-based computing approaches for real-time image processing and physical modelling of Marchantia for his MEng project.
Stacks Image 647

Dave Preston

Dave explored the use of GAL4 enhancer trap markers to dissect air pore development in the Marchantia gemma development.
Stacks Image 525

Dr Tim Rudge

Tim is a very experienced engineer and programmer, turned biologist. He worked as a postgraduate researcher, and returned for his PhD, initating work on CellModeller and defining fractal-like self-organisation in growing bacterial populations. Tim is now faculty member at PUC, Santiago
Stacks Image 506

Dr Paul Grant

Paul worked as a post-doc on Claviceps infected wheat, as well as synthetic patterning systems in microbial solid-state cultures. He is now a staff scientist at Microsoft Research Cambridge
Stacks Image 499

Dr Lionel Dupuy

Lionel was a post-doc in the lab, working on advanced imaging and biophysical models for cellular growth. He is now a staff scientist at the James Hutton Institute, Dundee.
Stacks Image 518

Dr Paul "PJ" Steiner

PJ is a computer scientist-turned microbial engineer, and developed high resolution quantitative imaging and signalling systems in Bacillus during his PhD. After a post-doc with Jeff Hasty at UCSD, he is a staff scientist at Bolt Threads
Stacks Image 666

Dr Lihua Han

Lihua helped set up Marchantia culture in the lab, and is an expert at plant transformation and handling. Now working at Rothamsted Institute.
Stacks Image 674

Dr Nuri Purswani

Nuri's PhD work was focused on characterisation of the Marchantia gemma, especially developing high resolution imaging techniques. Now with IBM, Singapore.
Stacks Image 821
Dr James Brown
James came from an Engineering degree to take on a full-blown PhD in microbial synthetic biology - via participation in Cambridge's first iGEM team in 2005. Now a principal scientist at Cambridge Consultants.
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Sarah Hodge
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Marion Bausch
2002 Alex Navid
2002 Geraint Wynn Story
2002 Inge Skrumsager Møller
2005 Fernan Federici
2006 James Brown
2009 Paul J Steiner
2010 Tim Rudge
2010 Nuri Purswani
2012 Anton Kan
2012 Judy Savitskaya

Research Associates
Sarah Hodge
Marion Bauch
Adrienne Pate
Lihua Robertson

Postdoctoral workers
1995-1998 Dr. Kirby Siemering Australian Genome Research Facility, Melbourne, Australia.
1996-1999 Dr. Brian Ayre
University of North Texas, Denton, USA.
1996-1999 Dr. Uwe Kohler
Medigenomix, Munich, Germany.
1999-2004 Dr. Elisabeth Truernit
INRA Staff Scientist, Versailles, France.
2000-2002 Dr. Laurent Laplaze
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Montpellier, France.
2001-2002 Dr. Jennifer Clark
European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK.
2001-2003 Dr. John Runions
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK.
2000-2003 Dr. Juliet Coates
Department of Biology, Birmingham, UK.
2000-2003 Dr. Smita Kurup
Rothamstead Research, Harpenden, UK.
2003-2004 Tim Rudge
Faculty member, PUC, Santiago, Chile.
2004-2006 Dr. Jonathan Mackenzie
Programmer, University of Cambridge, UK.
2005-2008 Dr. Lionel Dupuy
Scottish Crops Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland.
2006-2010 Dr. Justin Pachebat
Genome Facility, University of Aberystwyth
2010 - 2014 Dr Fernan Federici
Faculty member, PUC, Santiago, Chile.
2010 - 2012 Dr Michael Pedersen
2011 - 2015 Dr Paul Grant
Microsoft Research Cambridge

Sabbatical visitors
Dr. Sue Bougourd, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biology, University of York, UK
Prof. Ralph Quatrano, Chairman, Department of Biology, University of Washington, Saint Louis, USA.
Prof. Jason Reed, Professor, Department of Biology, Chapel Hill, USA.
Prof. Maria Elena Zavala, Professor, Department of Biology, CSU, Northridge, USA.
Dr Foong Yee Than, University of Singapore, Singapore.
Prof. Zhi Gang Zhou, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai, China.